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5 Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations (Part 3)

Posted by HeroOfCanton, Jan 23 2009, 12:29 AM

3. Thank goodness for Milk.

Mr. Hero asked me an interesing question this morning while we were discussing the nominations: "What are the Important movies this year?" Of the five Best Picture nominees, The Reader is Important in that way Holocaust movies are always Important, but not Important in a timely way. Frost/Nixon might have seemed more Important if the Democrats weren't firmly in control of Congress and the White House. But as it is, the movie is a nice history lesson, not an Important call to the world today. Slumdog Millionaire could be considered Important if anyone besides Brad and Angie cared about brown orphans in foreign countries. As it is, it's just a feel-good movie, and if it feels good, it can't be Important.

But Milk, we are so lucky to have Milk! A slain gay activist is always an Important story, especially in a year when the troglodyte freaks voted against gay marriage in California. So if Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are duking it out for Best Picture (which is what I expect) and split the vote, will the most Important movie of the year slip through? It just might, and that worries me. No, I haven't had the opportunity to see Milk yet, though I hope to before Oscar day, and it might be a terrific film, but I have a feeling that if it pulls off an upset, it will be because it's Important, not because it's good.


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