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Fox Sucks.

Posted by Xandira, Apr 27 2007, 05:14 PM

okay so I lied. one more entry before I leave.

the Fox network is stupid. They had this new show that started and I rather liked it. Drive. about an illegal cross country road race run by a mysterious "they" who occationally kidnap people and force there loved ones to race to get them back. It was really interesting. good character dynamics and development, interesting premice and best of all, cool cars driving fast.

it was been airing for a little over ONE WEEK. and they cancelled it. Okay, so there were 4 episodes released, but 3 of them were within 2 days. There's hardly enough time for people to find out about it! I know a lot of people who were intending to watch it but were busy the weekend it came out. I can't tell you how often I remember about shows I wanted to watch 2 or 3 weeks after they start. What really annoys me is that they replaced it with more reruns of House. now, House is a good show. but reruns??? I would rather see something new anyday. and I am still not gonna watch 24.

And this is certainly not the first good show they screwed over. Family guy, Futurama, Wonderfalls, Dark Angel, True Calling, FIREFLY. Thats it. I do not watch fox shows ANYMORE! they just get my hopes up. okay, maybe after a shows first full season. the trouble is that they pick up good shows and then don't give them a chance to be found by the public to be good. especially to the sci-fi public. It also doesn't help that they are often unadvertized and aired out of order. you just can't air Science fiction shows out of order! it usually screws up the explaination of the world. If it is a drama about relationships, fine. everyone already knows the premice and setting behind falling in love with your stepbrother or having an affair. you don't have to explain the rules of the world and culture its set in.

There is a serious shortage of good Science Fiction shows. that aren't another rehash of Star Trek, and they keep teasing us with interesting things, and then desiding we aren't a big enough audience to justify it. I would rather have NO sci fi then 6 or 8 shows with only 6 episodes each! (or less)

I'm TV depressed. I have no sci fi to watch. BSG is done for a year, Stargate is gone. Atlantis is on break. Dresden Files is on an unexplained just-not-there break (cancelled?). Lost is stupid now. Jericho doesn't really count as Sci fi. although the US does get blowed up which is kinda interesting. at least Heroes is back. And I am gonna miss it for the next two weeks. *sigh*

I'm gonna find something good to watch.


  EienAi, Apr 28 2007, 07:54 AM

I'm with you. Except they did at least advertise DRIVE. I saw it all over the place. But you are exceedingly correct in knowing they don't gave anyone a chance to find the show before they axe it.

I know they don't think we are important. I cannot believe we won't get full disclosure on what the hell was going down in Drive.
Maybe Speed or Spike or something can pick it up. Then again FOX seems to like to have a death grip on anything they touch.

I don't like 24, House is the same premise with different dialog, not fond of Bones. They've lost me. I mean it. They have got to correct this shameless canning of decent TV. Only to replace it with reruns and reality TV.

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