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Ariel Ambulance & Serenity Costume Exhibit Repor

Posted by Devi Dark Wolf, Feb 20 2006, 08:22 AM

Sometimes I wonder about myself, I really do.

I wonder about my sanity and just how far I can take fanishness until I really just have to stop and force myself to be normal and go to college parties and wear Forever 21 and watch sports and stuff.

Like how I totally want to go to San Francisco for the 2006 Browncoat Ball, even if that means driving 6 hours by myself. I'm thinking about Amtrak.

And how I volunteered to help out in any way I can with the rescue of the Ariel Ambulance. It's not exactly very close to me, but hell, to get to see such a cool prop for the show, and for free? A project that we Browncoats will do, and bring the Ambulance back to life? It's not something we have to buy, or rent, it's going to belong to the Browncoats! icon_biggrin.gif To me, this is one of the coolest ideas ever. It's so very exciting. I can't wait to go up there and help with the physical work, sanding it, moving it, whatever.

See, if I told most people I was doing this, they're nod their heads and be like, "Yeeeeah, cool," but think I'm a total nut. Which I am, by the way, and I just need an outlet.

Yesterday, a Browncoat from the SoCalBrowncoats group and I made it to the costume exhibit in downtown LA, at FIDM. Brian is such a cool guy that I met at the Santa Ana SoCalBC Shindig, the only other person with a Jayne hat. On Saturday, he came to pick me up and I showed him the way to FIDM. This was my second time there, and it never gets less awesome!

All the costumes of the main characters from Serenity are there, minus Book but plus the Operative. They are all arranged very precisely, with Mal at the centre, and all the characters standing next to appropriate ones. I heard a Browncoat was the one that got to arrange the costumes in the display. icon_smile.gif Here is a more detailed account of the props and costumes, in order:

The Operative - This was the costume from the end of the film, the dark coloured suit with the body armour and arm guards. One of the swords was also on display, I think it was either in his hand, or strapped to the body of the dummy somewhere. The chest armour is actually not metal, or even plastic: it's painted rubber.

Wash - Wearing the dress from when the crew visits the Maidenhead on Boumonde. It's a dark green t-shirt with the aqua green Hawaiian shirt, slacks, and boots. Most casual of the bunch.

Zoe - One of my personal favourites, this costume was the one from Miranda. Olive green, tight pants that seemed to lace (?) at the knees, with the brown vest that zippers in the front and dark brown jacket over it. The jacket oddly has buttons all along the seams. And one of the zoolest parts? The added Zoe's necklace, I believe, and her gun! The sawed-off shotgun was sitting in her holster, strapped to her hip by the awesome leather belt.

Inara - Wearing the awesome red and gold dress she has for most of the movie, that first appears when Mal comes to 'rescue' her at the Training House.' Along with this are the two matching earrings.

Mal - Ah, the centrepiece! Mal's got the red shirt from Miranda, the black rubber braces (suspenders), grey (or green? Can't recall) slacks that is reminiscent of Civil War-era wear, Mal's awesome, AWESOME boots, and of course: the brown coat. The brown coat has a random black piece of rubber on the right shoulder, presumably to hold a strap in place if someone were to sling a riddle over their shoulder. Mal's also got - ta da! - his gun! His gun is in his holster, strapped to his cool, two-pronged belt. (I love Mal's costume and have studied it, can you tell?)

Kaylee - You know, I can't seem to remember where this costume is in the film, except that it's maybe the outfit she wears when they land on Boumonde. Kaylee's costume was a pinkish (?) shirt, with an olive-green short cut jacket over it. However, this jacket had squares of cloth sewn over the majority of it, and then those pieces were spraypainted bright, neon pink. Her pants I think were a blue camo, and around her waist is a black belt. The shoes are black and plain, but they're got a stacked sole to give Jewel more height. The entire outfit is very punk and cute!

Simon - This costume is his most recognizable (as are most of the costumes). He wears this after Mal and Inara are back on the ship after the first encounter with the Operative. It is a royal blue shirt, made of some very nice cotton material, Japanese style with a double breasted look, complete with decorative trim along the collar and seam. With this are plain black slacks, and brown, ragged boots. At Simon's feet is the Blue Sun bottle (!) he and Jayne share during Mal's 'I aim to misbehave' speech. icon_smile.gif

River - I love this costume too! It's River's blue dress from Boumonde through and past Miranda. It's a two layered dress: the first is a more shiny blue dress, and over it a sheen of bllue that cuts longer at the thigh. It pieces in the front are stitched together in a pattern. Across her shoulders is a sort of half-sweater, a black, ribbed material that covers both her arms, and only part of her back, but not the front. It's like two connected armwarmers. Her boots are black suede with several straps across them, and it's a boot I've seen sold in stores far more than once. Actually, they're quite fashionable right now!

Jayne - At last, the man they call Jayne. Yellow t-shirt, the one he wears for most of the movie. It's seen on the ship when Mal and Inara return to the ship, through Haven, through Miranda and the Reavers. It is ywllo and has a picture of a pistol, and several Japanese characters ironed on the sleeve and front. He wears military pants, and short, calf-high military boots. But the display awas outfitted in many of Jayne's accessories, from the pendant he wears around his neck to his belt. Across his shoulders is the band with the cross-looking decoration, with his repeater clipped to the front. Around his wait is a leather belt, and attached to that are several pouches and more specifically the black one with the many ornaments and leather straps hanging down. I am sure one of his knives are there as well, I can't remember.

There you go, if you have questions, ask away! Unfortunately, however, they will not allow photography, and I can't lean in very close to the costumes either, because they have this annoying alarm system that literally beeps every 3 minutes.


  shinyhappyklin, Feb 20 2006, 03:32 PM

Hey Devi, let me shake your hand....I know what you mean about thinking the fannishness is going over the top at times, but don't change a thing. No reason you can't go to parties and wear Forever 21 (I wear the accessories; considering I'm Forever 21 x 2 + 2, nothing is ever going to fit me in there except those great inexpensive accessories!) -- hell, I just got a big award this weekend for being, of all things, a good sorority girl for the last 25 years!!!! Yep, me, shinyhappyklin, Browncoat babe and Miss Klingon 2000, gets herself a shiny certificate thanking me for being a loyal and true member of one of the largest sororities in the country, serving as president, webmaster, etc., etc., chapter advisor, etc. and basically showing up and doing all the "good girl" things for all that time.

Yes, you too can live a double life; ask me how!!! icon_smile.gif

It's amazing how few of them know what I do, and if they happen to drag it out of me, I get the same "" reaction, and then the topic subtly shifts to something else. In fact, I have had people in mid cocktail hour suddenly decide that I'm no longer "cool" enough to hang with once they find out how I met my husband and what I do on my vacations (met him when we were both dressed as Klingons, and oh yeah, go to cons....doesn't everyone?)

I figure those people are best left by the side of the road. I don't have a lot of turns around the sun, and I'm going to do what I want to do, even if that seems a bit schizophrenic or odd to some folks. I personally don't see anything wrong with pursuing multiple interests -- if nothing else, keeping them varied does keep you from falling too far off the edge into one of those alternative realities, cause you know you have to come back to the others eventually! Not saying it doesn't give you psychic whiplash sometimes, but I figure I've gotten very good at knowing who *I* am, and how to deal with various types of people, because I have to switch personas so often.

Back to the costumes......*jealous, jealous, jealous*, what a great opportunity! I'm just anxious to see which rich Browncoat is going to buy the costumes from the Prop Store of London and then put them on traveling display!

  Devi Dark Wolf, Feb 27 2006, 10:22 PM

QUOTE(shinyhappyklin @ Feb 20 2006, 09:32 AM)

Hey Devi, let me shake your hand....I know what you mean about thinking the fannishness is going over the top at times, but don't change a thing.

Thanks so much! I guess most people like us lead double, triple or whatever number lives. If you're a full-time nerd, then I don't know. I don't know many full, FULL time nerds, if you know what I mean.

I hope many wonderful Browncoats buy the costumes and wear and enjoy them! Shawna Trpcic said that she'd love to have fans buy and enjoy wearing the costumes, not just to own them. icon_smile.gif

Thanks for your kind words!

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