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Posted by CiaraCobb, Apr 26 2006, 10:55 AM

So I got the results of my MRI at last, apparently there is nothing (no tears etc) in the meniscus cartilege but there is some "roughening behind the kneecap" although what that actually means I have no clue. I have an appointment on the 5th of May to see the physio and hopefully get some answers so I will update then for anyone who might care enough to keep track. Whether it is in my head I do not know, but since I got the call from the physio, my knee has hurt more in the last couple of days than it has in months...

Also, I sat my stupid Insurance exam on monday, finally. After not studying nearly enough and managing to get us lost on the way we arrived 3 minutes after the exam had started. They let us in and I eventually calmed down enough to start answering questions. I can't remember any of them but I think it went okay, didn't seem any more difficult than the past papers I had been practicing on, but I guess you never can tell. I get my results in 2 weeks time but I am now going to forget about it, there is nothing I can do to change the result now, so I may as well get on with life. The whole getting lost thing was however made a million times better when I got home and found my Serenity Cubed ticket sat on my doormat!

Looking forward to Collectormania this weekend, it should be fun, I have booked my tickets for the talks and will be shopping on Friday for a special edition of the Lost Boys on DVD, I can't possibly face the embarrasment of taking my vanilla disc to get signed...


Posted by CiaraCobb, Apr 13 2006, 12:16 PM

I had an MRI scan jsut over 6 weeks ago and have been waiting for the results since then. Yesterday afternoon I got annoyed cos I hadn't heard anything and called the hospital. No answer. So I left them a voicemail.

Last night I was at home and went to stand up from the couch, my knee cracked (the reason for the scan) and my boyfriend suddenly remembers that the hospital had called for me. He was at home all day yesterday. He said they were going to try my mobile, which had been off all day as the battery went and I didn't have my charger. this all happened about 9pm last night. so I plug my phone in and go to voicemail. Lo and behold, 2 messages from the hospital, the first says "we have had your results, please call for results and to discuss management" (clearly they found something) the second says "I am going away till the 24th and will call upon my return" - FRICK!

I called today just on the off chance she hadn't gone yet but she has, so I know have 12 days with a sore knee, knowing that someone else knows what's wrong...

so I am pissed off at myself for not charging my mobile battery and also at my boyfriend for not calling me yesterday to tell me the message....


Posted by CiaraCobb, Apr 8 2006, 11:30 PM

Well, I have just returned from my boyfriend's cricket club's annual dinner.

It's a wierd affair, the first half is a fairly dull meal, which tonight went on for ever or so it seemed. The food is slightly above awful, and I seem to manage to pick the wrong thing again this year.

This is followed by the Committee chairman's attempt at a witty speech, filled with what are supposed to be rude anecdotes/jokes, but which was tonight dominated by mention of the death of one of the founding members of the club last year.

Then the prizes get given out, the same people got prizes this year as last year, as most of the club has now disintegrated (got too old, joined other clubs, injuries etc) and it is the same stalwart few who turn up every week ad thus get the trophies. My bloke came away with Best Batsman for the second year running, which I think makes me more proud than it does him.

With the prizes out of the way, we arrive at the most horrific part of the evening, the Irish Country Dancing, accompanied by a random folk band, none of whom are actually Irish but don't tell anyone. The band leader used to teach one member of the club at school, so she picks on him to get up and dance, however this year he managed to drag me up on the floor and then scarper, leaving me to make a total prat of myself why he sat and wet himself laughing.

We managed to escape after 3 dances, but only with the excuse that the other half has work in the morning and needed some sleep. So here I am, blogging when I probably should be asleep, but I really only get on here when he's in bed or working, so I am making the most of it.

On a slightly lighter note, I spent a fair portion of this afternoon in my back yard, with a blonde wig and some cans of spray hair dye, trying to create something approaching the look required for my Fray costume. It failed dismally, but I had fun.

Moving On...

Posted by CiaraCobb, Apr 4 2006, 09:51 AM

Well, some of you that frequent chat might know that I am considering quitting my job and becoming a teacher, well, it's looking more and more likely now. I got a call yesterday from the liason at the local high school to arrange for me to go in an observe classes in my chosen subject for 2 days. icon_biggrin.gif

This is a requirement of the PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) course I want to do, so now there is nothing to stop me applying. I just have to find the time to sit down and fill in the application.

I am going to email the contact at the college tonight and find out what the course dates are, as I really don't want them to clash with the con in September. I can't decide between meeting Badger and my new career, and no-one is going to make me!

Also, my mum has booked tickets as a birthday present to a one off Fatboy Slim gig, it's being held on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland (where my folks live) and I really wanna go, but I found out that my boss, and the other woman in my department are on vacation at the same I might not be allowed the time off...which would suck! I need to go beg my boss at some point today, I hope he is feeling generous.

And A Decision Was Made

Posted by CiaraCobb, Mar 22 2006, 11:37 AM

I have decided to cram like a nutter and sit the exam next month for 2 reasons

1 - didn't want to watch junior colleagues do it before me
2 - might be quitting in september to go back to college, and if you leave the company within a certain period after the exam you have to pay back the exam costs.

So, to aid this, I am taking next week off work, little bit of hiking, some baking, some video games and a lot of study are on the horizon. But that means I need to work doubly hard the remainder of this week so that I can clear my backlog before going away, which boils down to the fact I should go do some work!

Also, I need to arrange some days in a local high school to experience kids of high school age before I apply to teaching college. Erk, teenagers, hoodies, argumentativeness, general big unfun, but if I want to make a difference, I have to start somewhere.


Posted by CiaraCobb, Mar 21 2006, 12:16 PM

So I was casually sitting here, doing some work, minding my own business when it struck me, I am supposed to be sitting an exam in exactly 5 weeks and have done absolutely no revision, so now I have two choices...1. cram like a crazy person, sit the exam and hopefully scrape a pass or 2. postpone the exam till July and watch all my colleagues sit it before me when I am supposed to be setting the example...sometimes choice really sucks.

Barefoot And Fancy Free

Posted by CiaraCobb, Mar 20 2006, 12:21 PM

so chalk up another one on the convert list.

Bubbies gratuitous linking in chat to the most awesome barefoot provocateuse webby resulted in a very shiny pic of Nathan taking up residence on my desktop towards the middle of last week.

I had gone to my desktop to look for something as one of my colleagues walked in, result "ooh, who's that?" So I explained who he was and she suddenly said "oh, my boyfriend and I watched Serenity last weekend, it was great." I then told her a bit about Firefly and lo and behold, my DVDs are on loan again icon_biggrin.gif

work still sucks icon_cry.gif , files keep going missing right when I really need them. I need to go send off some forms urgently or we will *not* be exhibiting at the next show.

Ooh, must remember to bring the artcards from the HMV edition of Serenity to work tomorrow for scanning.

Clears Out The Cobwebs

Posted by CiaraCobb, Mar 17 2006, 11:41 AM

boy is it dusty in here, really should drop by more often.

y'know, I had this great rant of a "the 'verse hates me" post all written out about 2 weeks ago, was just going to spell check it but I went to the bathroom first and my other half closed the window...grrrr. It was all about the trials and tribulations of one Browncoat and the obstacles she had overcome in her quest to obtain Serenity on Region 2 DVD icon_biggrin.gif

So anyway I am stuck at work, and it is really getting me down. No matter how many times I say I can't keep up with the workload of 2 fulltime jobs rolled into one no-one seems to care. Even when I made a mistake that could have cost the company some serious dough, nothing has been done to lighten the burden. So anyway, all this typing isn't clearing the mountain of files on my desk, but I was talking to IJW in chat and something reminded me that I have this here blog, so I thought I might actually use it for once.

Going to see V for Vendetta tonight, so I will try and put up a mini review for anyone who cares...

Welcome To The Fort

Posted by CiaraCobb, Feb 23 2006, 12:29 PM

so I have been meaning to do this for a while, start a blog I mean. Not sure what I will do with it, although I am pretty sure it will be used for anti-work rants at least once (and today could be the day). So anyway, as I am at work, and surfing the net for personal reasons is kinda banned I should probably keep this short and sweet, I'm here, I was here and I will be again.

/end streamofconciousness

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