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Agrivation Thy Name Is Heroes!

Posted by miss.universe, Oct 31 2006, 01:32 PM

Okay. NBC is seriously starting to wear at my already stretched patience. They killed the slut!!!!! I think. And I actually learned her name! thing were going fine, well, fine for the show where everyone gets beaten down then a little more just for fun. Her husband, who I totally thought was the guy who killed that little girl’s parents, you remember, no brain and frozen solidness. Anyway, it turns out that he isn’t. but DL is however able to walk through walls and stick his hand into the chest cavity of his wife…yeah, how lame is that. I thought he was going to rip out her heart or something like that, but no, he just stuck his hand in her chest for a good minute and moved it around, then niki the stripper fell down onto the floor and DL took their kid away from the house.

Okay…what the hell is that about? I’m so confused. I guess Niki set up DL to get caught and hid the money herself. But it wasn’t her, it was that weird mirror version of her with better hair. The convo with her and her other half was way to lord of the rings for my taste, it was done way better with a hobbit if you ask me.

Hiro was the only way I got through this episode. When he found out he got to use a sword in the future, the look on his little face, it was adorable. I want to learn how to speak Japanese so I can pay more attention to what he’s saying, not the subtitles. I want to be his best friend and go on road trips together, and eat waffles, and talk about superman, and save the world.

Speaking of superman. Okay. I guess I was just naïve in thinking that only a few people were super. It seems like everyone and their brother are super. Peter and his brother are both super, peter and his new best friend the junkie are super. Niki and DL are both super, although I think Niki is dead now.

Scenario. Okay, I’m super. I can turn into a cat or something. Do I have to know someone who is super. Is it a rule that my mom and dad are super? Because I really don’t think my dad is the flying type, he doesn’t like to travel.

This show is so agrivating!!!!! Oh, and that little brat that was hanging out with mohinder turned out to be a mole, just like I thought she was! I mean, come on, some guy working on a theory to find super-heros just sits you down and tells you all about it? I think not! People are after him! Hello!!! The guy was a genius! Besides, her kissing the hot Indian doctor made my stomach turn, she’s like 14, and they were acting like brother and sister last episode.

I really want to know what happened to peter! He had a whole 3 lines in this episode and they still haven’t explained his powers! How close to people does he have to be to fly, a city block? Ten feet? Because he was on the top of a building and his brother was at the bottom. And why was he only having visions of flying? Is drawing the future just not exciting? Cause I think it’s pretty cool.

All in all though I think that heros is growing into the kinda of show I can sink my teeth into and really tear apart for plot holes, like how did niki get all the blood out of her trunk. And are the police of las vegas so stupid that they couldn’t hear the major fight she had with DL? If a creepy father hugs his daughter for to long, can you hear a cheerleader’s mind grossing out?

I think not. Or I hope not at least, no child deserves to have such a creepy dad!

Another Rant...this One About School

Posted by miss.universe, Oct 26 2006, 05:49 PM

my school is offically the stupidest place on the planet. okay, we'll begin with 1st period. band. every day at band i am forced to go outside in freezing cold weather, then i an yelled at for a good 40 minutes. my teacher is suposed to let the color guard out early so that they can get changed...does this ever happen? no. i get out 5 minutes after the band because we have to roll flags and put them away in the shed at the feild. it takes another 2 minutes to climb up the hill back to the school, and by that time we're 3 minutes late. then we get to change in the drum equipment room where any boy could just walk in at any moment. believe me, siting on a tuba case trying to get a shoe on is not fun! what is the point of doing all this in the morning when the band really needs to work on their music? honestly! we could just have practice after school, i would look a lot better the rest of the day.

2nd period is my favorite period of the day. it's french class. the class where once a month we get pastries and watch movies like the lion king. i also do my makeup and eat breakfast during this period.

however it is followed by health. healh class is the time of day where i get to learn about the reproductive system, drugs, alcohol, and 'risk' factors from a man that is easily twice as old as my father. all of the information in this class i have known since i was 12 because...i am not an idiot. health class is only good because it gives me a good 20 minutes to catch the last bit of the signal, the kickass mystic ninjas, i shold be writing, and all the other podcasts i couldn't finish on my bus ride to this hell hole.

from health i go to nap time. aka health. i sit in health class for a half hour listening to my teacher go on and on about the mongols (who the hell are the mongols?) in the same monotone voice without pause.

then lunch comes. they just installed security cameras in the cafeteria because of the great salt throwing insident of last week, i don't even know what happened there. all i know is that there are so many moniters lurking over me that i barley had enough time to do my math homework. i swear to god, idiots are attracted to my school. who throws salt? honestly...who? what is the point?

then i go back to history. more mongols. i'm begining to hat them so much even if they did take over russia.

math is next. today we have a sub that is almost lurking over my shoulde as i type this. i think she's an evil muppet turned into a person. her voice is so grating. oh my god. i can't even explain it without bleeding from my ears. of course this is also the sub that busted me for watching buffy during a study hall last year. she made me stop watching once more with feeling because anya and xander were dancing in their underwear.

the last period feels like heaven. then i realize that we are taking notes for the entire time. it goes slow and fast at the same time. i love biology because my teacher loves me, i'm the only good student.

that is my day, the time of my life that i meet more assholes then people who work in the white house.

as i ride the bus home for that whole 40 minutes i try to unwind, but i can't. i have to go back tomorrow.


miss. universe

keep flying!

Thurdsay's Rant On Heroes/marching Band

Posted by miss.universe, Oct 26 2006, 02:51 PM

last night i got home from a 3 hour band practice at 9. i had on a total of 3 pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, 4 shirts, and a sweatshirt. band is offically hell. i was bordering on hating it for a while but now i'm commited fullly to hating the completeive art that is marching band. i have an idea, every shool should build their field in a dome! that would be awesome. no rain, no snow, no sun, it's always 77 and cool, no matter what time of the year. honestly, you laugh now, but if you've ever experienced running a halftime show 4 times in a row, you will know how i feel, espessically if it's 30 degrees outside, and you have 3 people yelling at you all at the same time.

to make things worse, because of band i have missed america's next top model every week it's been on. this makes me really shallow, but i love tyra banks. i've also missed house, csi, and *gasp* battlestar galactica!

that is was makes me the most angry though. missing bsg is just crule! i started watching it 3 weeks ago and i'm trying to get through the last 3 seasons but it's not really working! i was on ondemand, but they stopped updating it! what is up with that? how can scifi, the one channel that has been good to me, let me down in such a big way?

i'm losing faith in telvision. i think i'll just switch to books and then just buy the seasons when they come out on dvd in the summer. that would be a good idea because i'll have all this free time and nothing to do. i don't go inside during the summer, unless it's band camp, and that's enough outside time for an entire year.

i'm just preying that don't cancle heros. if they do i will offically throw out my TV and switch to VHS disney movies. and yes i realize that i need a TV to watch movies. still, heros is getting so good! and milo!!!!!!!! milo is so hot! he's like the rouge of heros, i don't really get his powers though, his brother cam fly, and milo can only fly when he's around. sylar just freaks me out, cutting the tops of people's head's off? how is that fun? pinning a woman to a stair case and keeping her there with 40 arrows? who keeps arrows in their home? unless your robin hood i mean. i offically dont understand the whole importance of claire the cheerleader. save the cheerleader, save the world! she like sixteen! and a total bitka. did you see the way she treated her friend with the video camera.

her dad totally creeps me out. he's so wierd. and i think he' skinda in love with her. she's adopted and he's in love with her. so every time he speaks it sounds so gross, cause he has that low voice and "fatherly" love for her.

hiro and milo are the only one's i can really stand. hiro is so adorible, like when he was running through the streets of NY screaming 'wazup' and 'britney spears'. i have never been in so much love with a character since angel. i want him to live next door to me and be my best friend. hiro's intentions are so noble, he accually embraces his powers and wants to use them for good. and i'm sorry, but when he showed up from the future with the sword and wearing all black, he was so hot! i love his best friend too, at first i thought he was a tool for not believeing hiro had powers, but now that they are in vegas helping each other, i'm loving him.

hiro's BF accually changed my views of the stripper, niki. i really did not like her at all when she was on the show at first. i really thought she was just a slut who killed two guys. when i saw how she treated him when he sowed up at her house. awwwwwwww, it was so cute, she didn't let the cops take him away for doing nothing.

the crazy painter i;m starting to warm up to. i really didn't like him at all when he first showed up, i mean, drug addict painter, it's been done before. the whole thing with simone is just stupid, she is an enabler! i really don't like her, and i don't see why milo likes her so much! the fact the milo can paint the future after being around him though makes me wonder if the painter guy can kick the habit! i hope he can, then he'll just be cuter in my eyes.

i really wish i had the this much character analasis for america's next top model but they don't have souls so, i really don't think i could rant about the devil for this long...now buffy, that's a different story.

<3 miss universe

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