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Does Your Health Insurance Pay You?

Posted by HeroOfCanton, Sep 23 2008, 03:17 PM

Not that I'm hoping to strike up another health care conversation with squid(icon_wink.gif), but my mother recently told me something interesting about her health insurance. We get our insurance through our hospital at a truly affordable rate, and we've both been very pleased with it for the 5 years we've had it. (How many people can say they have been happy with their health insurance for 5 straight years?) In a few months, mom will be hitting the magical age of 65. At that point, her insurer will pay her money if she comes to work out at their gym. You heard that right--she will get $10 a month if she works out there 5 times a month. How genius is that? She gets in shape, they have less of a chance if having to payout for medical problems, and she gets free lunch money.

We talk a lot about preventitive medicine in this country, and this sounds like one of the best ways to promote this that I've ever heard. Anyone else have ideas?

(PS I'll try to get around to race later in the week.)


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