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Abandoned 1-06

Posted by cabri, Dec 12 2008, 03:58 AM in 'Verse Fiction

After loading up with our least lethal weapons -- an air rifle strapped to my back and a .17 air pistol to my calf -- I replaced my .45 with a .22 air pistol at my hip and moved back into the corridor. Seemed likely at this stage of the ambush that the enemy was gone, and no sense having a lead bullet smash an important instrument or piece of machinery. I flinched at another [clang], but, again, there was no follow-up sound. TARDIS or ship? After a few indecisive moments, I decided it was better to check on the ship status than look for hidden crewmembers or hostiles. If the ship were on the verge of diving into a nearby star, friend or foe wouldn't matter. Library it was.

Our library was unusual for a ship in this region of space (except for liners of course) but we considered it our greatest asset. We had a semi-permanent population of passengers, nearly 20 just now, who had no real destination except not standing on dirt; and our library (and archives and computers and TARDIS) gave them the illusion of planetary living without the pesky lawmakers who made that living difficult at times. None of our passengers were particularly good, but we did try to ensure newcomers weren't actively evil for both the passengers' safety and ours. Surveying the damage, seemed to me we had fallen down in that regard this time.

Turning on the lights had illuminated a scene right out of Bedlam. Books apparently had been tossed around like confetti with coffee cups and framed photographs smashed on the deck. Once I walked further in, however, it looked likely that all of the debris had been used as ammunition aimed at invaders. I groaned in dismay. This could only mean that our pursers had been caught out without a weapon. Again. Jamie had the excuse of being from a planet where guns were outlawed (and was periodically fined by the Captain whenever he was caught weaponless) but Larraby knew better.


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