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Agrivation Thy Name Is Heroes!

Posted by miss.universe, Oct 31 2006, 01:32 PM

Okay. NBC is seriously starting to wear at my already stretched patience. They killed the slut!!!!! I think. And I actually learned her name! thing were going fine, well, fine for the show where everyone gets beaten down then a little more just for fun. Her husband, who I totally thought was the guy who killed that little girl’s parents, you remember, no brain and frozen solidness. Anyway, it turns out that he isn’t. but DL is however able to walk through walls and stick his hand into the chest cavity of his wife…yeah, how lame is that. I thought he was going to rip out her heart or something like that, but no, he just stuck his hand in her chest for a good minute and moved it around, then niki the stripper fell down onto the floor and DL took their kid away from the house.

Okay…what the hell is that about? I’m so confused. I guess Niki set up DL to get caught and hid the money herself. But it wasn’t her, it was that weird mirror version of her with better hair. The convo with her and her other half was way to lord of the rings for my taste, it was done way better with a hobbit if you ask me.

Hiro was the only way I got through this episode. When he found out he got to use a sword in the future, the look on his little face, it was adorable. I want to learn how to speak Japanese so I can pay more attention to what he’s saying, not the subtitles. I want to be his best friend and go on road trips together, and eat waffles, and talk about superman, and save the world.

Speaking of superman. Okay. I guess I was just naïve in thinking that only a few people were super. It seems like everyone and their brother are super. Peter and his brother are both super, peter and his new best friend the junkie are super. Niki and DL are both super, although I think Niki is dead now.

Scenario. Okay, I’m super. I can turn into a cat or something. Do I have to know someone who is super. Is it a rule that my mom and dad are super? Because I really don’t think my dad is the flying type, he doesn’t like to travel.

This show is so agrivating!!!!! Oh, and that little brat that was hanging out with mohinder turned out to be a mole, just like I thought she was! I mean, come on, some guy working on a theory to find super-heros just sits you down and tells you all about it? I think not! People are after him! Hello!!! The guy was a genius! Besides, her kissing the hot Indian doctor made my stomach turn, she’s like 14, and they were acting like brother and sister last episode.

I really want to know what happened to peter! He had a whole 3 lines in this episode and they still haven’t explained his powers! How close to people does he have to be to fly, a city block? Ten feet? Because he was on the top of a building and his brother was at the bottom. And why was he only having visions of flying? Is drawing the future just not exciting? Cause I think it’s pretty cool.

All in all though I think that heros is growing into the kinda of show I can sink my teeth into and really tear apart for plot holes, like how did niki get all the blood out of her trunk. And are the police of las vegas so stupid that they couldn’t hear the major fight she had with DL? If a creepy father hugs his daughter for to long, can you hear a cheerleader’s mind grossing out?

I think not. Or I hope not at least, no child deserves to have such a creepy dad!


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