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Working Man's Blues Ii The Sequel

Posted by wolf-359, Aug 22 2006, 04:49 PM

The owner of the store I work for has decided that a schedule for her employees is a luxury we can all do without.

New schedule is supposed to be up on Friday,It wasn't.The previous schedule expired Sunday.She managed to post one sometime yestreday after I left work.Not knowing if I was working to day I got up went in and looked for a schedule prior to clocking in.Turns out I'm off today!!Technically I got up for nothing,I and my little family all had things to do today though so I guess it wasn't a wasted day,yet.

Working Man Blues

Posted by wolf-359, Aug 3 2006, 10:12 PM

Okay so I've finally gotten a damn job,it's in a grocery store here in Madison and it's a small operation but more high falutin than I'm used to.

The owner started this place selling all organic and whole foods and all of that but realized after a while that that stuff didn't sell in small town U.S.A.! So she's trying to sell regular crap now.

They seem to want me to be in produce but they don't seem to care that I need to learn about it if I'm gonna run it! They pulled me away from it today when I was going to be shown how to place an order.Kinda an important thing to know.

Our cantaloupes are going bad on us like crazy and I personally feel that she's ordering way too many of them.Well along these lines she wants to order a hundred watermelons in time for one of our city's big festivals.My feeling on this is that we ought to ice them down!Think about this who in their right mind would pass up a chilled seedless watermelon on a HOT day!?
Our owner thought of the idea of chilling the cantaloupes today,not a bad idea either but she decided that even though we have them in big metal tubs with a drain hole right in the side she couldn't put ice in them.
Nope she decided to put dry ice in there underneath of them.

I'm seriously pondering looking for something else already.Today made day four.

Maybe I'm just too sensitive to things,I don't know.

Happy Anniversary/birthday?

Posted by wolf-359, Jul 25 2006, 05:26 PM

I have been married 8yrs. as of today,and tomorrow is my 36th birthday.Under normal circumstances I'd lament that no-one remembreed me and I received no gifts and etc. etc..Yeah well I go one better this year.

Last year we had a big celebration for our 7th anniversary.We held it at the State park here in town and invited many persons from our respective families as well as our friends.I did not invite my mother as I knew she would not attend since my sister was at that time in the hospital suffering from congestive heart failure caused by an unknown viral agent.

I also last year was terrified that I would lose my wife to a strange pain in her side that they identified as being caused by a large solid mass that seemed to begrowing in the area of her uterus.They didn't say it but the suspicion was cancer,so I had a lot to be happy about at the party since the mass had gone away suddenly and completely.

I was thrilled that so many people chose to turn out in the extreme heat to celebrate our love for one another.My wife even turned it into a surprise b-day party for me!!

At the close of the evening my cell phone rang,it was my Mother,sounding absolutely exhausted but gld to speak with me and attempting to offer a ray of hope in regard to my sister's condition.I spok ewith her for a bit and told her the truth of my wife's previous condition,which I had hidden from her.Sh etook the news well and said that she wouldn't have been abl eto attend the party even had we attempted to invite her.After this I passed the phone to my daughter who much enjoyed speaking with Grandma.

What we didn't know then is what we learned the very next morning when my brother called us.Mom had died.She was feeling ill and my sister encouraged her to lie down and to use a warm towel for the aches in her neck,Mom took it and not long after became unresponsive to my sister's questions.She called in the nurse who in turn called in the cardiac arrest team.They weren't able to revive her and took her downstairs to E.R where she was eventually declared deceased.

So this is a year of anxiety for me in that I will not recieve a card or friendly call from my Mom.Ever again.

My sister held out until September.She died not long after Mom's birthdate.

They're buried right next to each other in a plot not too far away from my Grandparents.

"Happy" birthday to me.

I love you Mom!Hugh.

Big Fun At The Fair And Great Sadness Over The Net

Posted by wolf-359, Jul 17 2006, 06:23 PM

The fair is over and done with for another year.We entered young Boyd into the baby contest and he didn't win but he gave it a good Baby Browncoat try!(actually all he did was sit in Momma's arms and look all cute and such)

Short on cash this year so Lilli got gypped on riding rides and playing games,but I talked her into going on the Sizzler with me !!Fun for her damn near a bad idea for me! I ain't exactly a skinny dude so when we put that safety bar down it was close to my last breath for a spell.Fun it was,comfortable it weren't at all.

The other day I got a mysterious looking e-mail.At first I thought that maybe it was one of them disturbing type things that ya get from time to time.I was half right.

Turns out it was an e-mail from my Mother's boss.She had been attempting to reach my brother who lives up there in Indy regarding our Mother's possessions from her desk. Mom died almost exactly a year ago and no-one has claimed her personal items.I really couldn't have due to the distance involved and the mecahnical limitations of my '90 Cherokee,but you'd think that my brother who is supposed to be dealing with all of this(I offered,he insisted he be the one to do it all) would have found a moment to go collect these things of our mom's.
Needless to say I didn't expect to be getting that as an e-mail but,there it was,just sitting there attacking all of the progress that I had made in trying to get my life back together.(emotionally)Forcing me to go back and re-live that bleakest of moments in my life

I took a look at it and soon learned that there are 5 boxes worth of things that I'll soon be able to sort through.My brother and I still haven't gone through any of Mom's possessions she had at home so I really do not know what to do with these things.I sent my brother an e-mail about this turn of events so if nothing else I won't be accused of keeping him out of this process but as he never answers his e-mail I really don't look for a response.

Mom died very suddenly in my opinion but I will say that her death has given me some thing as that I did not have prior to.
First and foremost among them is my son.Her dying lit something of a fire under me.I HAD to bring another life into the world in order to help fill that horrible void that she left.We'd been pondering a second child for some time but this was the true catalyst.
Mom's dying has also given me the chance to be closer to my extended family in some ways.I rarely spoke to many of my Uncle's and various cousins and other's prior to this but since I have decided to become an active usesr of the internet and have found it the BEST way to keep up with family.(those who answer their mail that is icon_lol.gif )

MY 36th birthday is upcoming and that day will now be tainted with the awfulness of Mom's death(she died ON my b-day)but with some love and luck I hope that this memory will be less bitter and more bitter-sweet.

C'mon a guy can dream can't he?

Big Fun At The Fair

Posted by wolf-359, Jul 10 2006, 09:16 PM

My daughter is in mini 4-h this year.She's excited,taking cooking(her choice)and had to make Rice Krispie treats as her project.She's hoping to get 1st prize,but as those of you involved in all of this may know,the kiddies all get the same damn thing,a red,white and blue ribbon for participation.I think it's idiotic and gives the kids a false sense of what this is all about but my opinion never seems to matter much.

I hope the judges have good things to say to her anyway though.Who knows maybe in the near future she'll want to show livestock!I'd prefer something small like a bunny but with Lilli it'll likely end up being a cow.
Hogs I could live with though.(maybe)

Inner Workings Of A Sci-fi Dad(and Husband)

Posted by wolf-359, Jul 7 2006, 09:14 PM

Some of you folk may know me and I imagine a lot of you don't.Keep reading here and that'll change soon enough!

I go by the handle of wolf-359 but less formally you can call me Hugh icon_smile.gif .
I'm a dad of two,Lilli(7yrs.) and little Boyd(2wks. and counting!!!),my lovely wife who tolerates me better than most is Ellen.

A few things you should know,I'm fair minded but damn stubborn other-wise,Johnny cash is GOD,I love my family and will kill anyone who dares to harm them!!

Firefly is a big thing for me but I've been a Trekker for a longer time.Hell it's been around longer is all that is really.
So let's talk shall we?

Today I am a Dad!I haven't had to cahnge a whole slew O' diapers just yet with Boyd but today I took the initiative(after a little nagging)and cleaned off the young sportsman's heinie.I was so dman close to done when all of a sudden I got hit with the firehose!!(Yeah I used a meteaphor so sue me)
Ellen has had that privelige a few times now but this was my official annointing.Yippee.Soaked my damn jeans man!!So small and yet so full!

I have some pics. to share here I just need a lesson in posting that stuff is all.For a sci-fi guy you think I'd be up on all of this but I ain't.

I got into all of this internet stuff last year after both my Mother and Sister died.(seperate circumstances)
They bothe had heart or heart related problems.I didn't know about Mom's though and her death was a crippling blow for me.My sister,sadly,had some mysterey virus attack and severely weaken her heart,the docs. tried a lot of stuff and were talking about a damn transplant but she was way too sick for that and our mom dying just did her in too badly to boot.

My family is the hub around which my life revolves,and MY little family is more important to me than ever since these deaths and since the birth of mine and Ellen's first son and second child,Boyd.He's named to honor my mother's father.Firefly reminds me of Granddad in that it's part western and he loved his westerns man.

I suppose that this enough for the moment but I'll be back here before too long brothers and sisters so keep a spot open for me at the table will ya?Oh and remember to order me up a Mudder's milk too would ya'? Thanks!!!!