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Mario Shrooms : Power Up For New Parents

Posted by EienAi, Dec 7 2007, 06:30 AM

Mario Shrooms: Power up for new parents
Buck and Emily are proud new parents to their new baby girl, Ellie Athena. Buck is a video game addict. They did their baby's room with Mario and Peach on the walls. When I heard Emily was ok with that I thought to myself I have to make them shroom pillows. OMG it would be epic.

The red one is to make sure Ellie grows up nice and big. The green one is the extra life I'm sure her parents will need after the lack of sleep.

For scale:


Making of:

Oh noes they've got me.

I Didn't Just Spring Up From Nowhere Ya Know

Posted by EienAi, Nov 20 2007, 05:58 AM

I was up to visit for my 10 yr reunion (of which I am still trying to locate the memory card) and my Mom's birthday was a couple weeks prior.
I couldn't figure out what to get her until I remembered a couple months ago she had mentioned she wanted me to make her something. No reason, she just said it. What better time to make it then for a birthday. She is the one who taught me to sew afterall. I love my mum, she is such a powerhouse and so smart. What a lovely woman she is.
A few years ago I made myself a kimono and showed it to her. She liked it so much I decided to make one for her then, but I never came across the right fabric. Then the fall palate of colors came out at Joann Fabrics and I saw this.

I present to you, the world premier of my parents on teh intarwebs.

Here is my dad as well. It would be a crime not to say what a gentle man he is. I do mean a man who is gentle. He didn't grow up in the most loving of households yet he turned out to be the most loving of fathers. Suck on that psychoanalyst.
The house is happier when he laughs, it really is.

So there they are. The people who made me, raised me, and love me. No one will ever be their equal. How did I ever end up so stable and blessed?

Old Harry Potter

Posted by EienAi, Nov 6 2007, 07:11 AM

A few months ago Karen asked if I could throw a Harry Potter party as a fun incentive for people to pre-reg for AFO. It also helped the last book had come out the week prior. I figured I could make a scarf for each house as prizes and buy a few favors. Then I thought I would could pull together things from around the house but I figured I wouldn't have enough... I was wrong. I didn't think I was that much of a fan. Stop laughing..... icon_wink.gif

games from friends, puppet pals, books, wands I already had. I got a gazing ball, trunks, and candles for the occasion. Also made some scarves.

Made cauldron cakes to eat. These are unfrosted. You know they kinda look like some weird mold got hold of them.

freaky bright neon icing mixed and added.

Bite into them and you get this. No, don't adjust your screens.
They were fun to have people bite into.

Now if I only took pictures of the whole set up. I was too busy setting up last minute details I had forgotten about. I think the attendees had a great time. I had to kick them out after 12.
Anywhoo, this is just a catch up as I post things I should have talked about ages ago.

Best Rap Song Evar

Posted by EienAi, Jul 26 2007, 04:20 AM

The best rap video ever.

Those of you who know me know this isn't normally my style. But put down your drink cause you will spit it out. I'm not responsible for any new keyboards that have to be purchased.


Did you watch that? I hope someone "accidentally" puts this on 24 hour loop on BET.
This kinda thing needs a sequel....I already got suggestions for the follow up.

Turn off the TV. Get your ass outside.
Pull your pants up, crack is a crime.
Speak english or you can't get a job.
Don't be on welfare. Quit havin' them kid

Life, At A Theater Near You

Posted by EienAi, Jun 22 2007, 05:29 AM

Went to a Weird Al concert. It was major fun. Been a fan since I was a wee girl and I think I have developed a fan crush...
Saw Pirates of the Carribean 2 and it sucked so bad I kept my money for 3
Learned how to do a new stitch while working on my vest.

I finished my vest at 4:03 this morning and I have much LOVE for it. I'll have to make the red one now.

A quick 4AM bathroom picture

I love finishing a project, no matter how small. It just fills me with accomplishment and glee.
Now to pester Alan about getting me some of those pictures he took at the Weird Al concert.

I really need to think on my website again. But convention season is upon us and it may already be too late for that. There are at least 3 costumes to design and make, 2 to modify, fabric to ogle, a room to plan, and regular life.

But a damn hearty YAY for that vest.

In Vesting Progress

Posted by EienAi, Jun 12 2007, 06:26 AM

Original Post from May 9th.

Worked on my vest last weekend and a little this week. It's coming along nicely. You should have seen me turning it right side out. It looked like I was practicing some weird yoga all tangled up in turning it right.

The front or course. Isn't that fabric like all kinds of awesome?

Look at that lining. It's a thing of beauty. I already had this fabric too. I got yards of it. I think I have it to make flowy curtains.

In other news I may be buying the car I want tomorrow. I meant to get pics today but Peter forgot to put my SD card back in the camera.But it's sweet. It's silver with chrome details and a dark grey interior that has been kept beautifully.
AND Dark Morning is being VERY gracious and sending me a FREE stash of fabric she isn't using. I just have to pay $8 shipping for 24 lbs of beautiful fabric!
Also tomorrow I am taking myself on a little shopping spree. I may poke in to Kevin's party as well.

Saturday Night Fever

Posted by EienAi, Jun 2 2007, 10:04 AM

Saturday May 5th: There were plans to go to a dance at 9PM. The dance had "Though the Looking Glass" as a theme. Peter was up around 10 but I didn't get up till 1:30. We still had to get our costumes together. He had already decided to do a military costume made from his old Neo coat. I cut & hemmed his coat and started pulling things out of the closet to figure out what I was going to dress as. Peter suggest I wear my old Duelist Anthy military-esque costume I made a couple years ago because he was basing his costume off that one anyways.
After some finagling he decides "HOLY FRAK" we should be the Queen of Heart's Royal Guards.
I heartily agreed and ran off to the fabric store at 6PM to pick up some red satin. I return and got to sewing. Peter printed the patches and we pulled old hats and belts from the closet.

It was the best closet cosplay ever. While we were there the Queen called us sexy and had ordered us come on stage to dance. Everyone cheered icon_biggrin.gif

We've decided we liked these so much we have got to take them to Dragoncon for more fun.


For the good of all Wonderland.

One of me:

One of Peter:

Car Buying Blues

Posted by EienAi, May 27 2007, 03:28 AM

I've been shopping for a car for about a month now. My car has served me well for the years that I have had it but it is starting that fall apart tango that 10+ year old cars do.

First it was the radiator $600 2 years ago
Coils and brakes $800 last year
Radiator tube part $290 2 months ago.

The AC has never worked since it was handed to me 4 years ago, radio quit 2 years ago. I am not waiting around for it to get worse. Those repairs could have been car payments. I'm glad I had it though.

I'm not a car person. I mean that in every sense of the phrase. I don't care for horsepower, hemis, 0-60, V6, ect. I frankly do not care. So I have a very limited idea of what I like. In my entire life I have liked 2 cars. VW bugs and PT cruisers. If I were 21, still in college I'd get a VW. But being older, with activities, and wanting a sense of style instead of just being cute I have decided to find a PT.

So the hunt began. I found a couple I liked. One was sold before I got a look at it, and the other was too expensive. I'm leaning towards silver because the color stays nice for a long time and they have to get really dirty before they show it. I also like the gold ones, but not as much. Purple would be an option but they are hard to find. And have you seen the customizable parts? You can do some awesome stuff.

If anyone has car buying advice they would like to impart please do so. I am new to this.

It's The Motherfrakkin Cylons

Posted by EienAi, May 6 2007, 07:24 PM

So last week I went to Walmart to hunt down the elusive 2 tank tops that make up the Battlestar Galactica undershirt. I had been looking for a couple weeks but I had some time so I went looking again. Tried on some, found a couple that worked and got them. After getting them they were decent but not perfect. So we took them back.
The SO and I decided we needed to shop for them together to make a final decision on what looked best. He's was right. He found the undershirt and I spotted the over shirt. Then it was picture time.

The obligatory:

We dare you

Listening to skin jobs talk about their "plan"

A calm moment to reflect on how hot insert character here is
Thinking how nice it would be to smack Tigh

Hmm, I guess it was that 2nd thing
Time to buck authority and get away with it

My apologies for how grainy these are. I had to turn up the ISO to 800 cause it was so frakkin dark in there.

Goodbye Mr. Hd

Posted by EienAi, Apr 26 2007, 02:00 AM

Current mood: artistic

Yesterday morning we abandoned cable TV.

I remember when I was being convinced we should have cable. I was alright with the few channels we had and I didn't want to spend the extra money.
Now I am being told it cost too much and we watch it too often.
Funny how views change over time.
But ultimately, yeah I think I watch too much TV (most of it isn't that great to begin with) and it distracts me from my other fun projects. I've already found one.... I saw a delicious looking close fit vest on a girl yesterday. I fished through my fabric stacks and found something great. It's this pretty drapery weight gold damask with hand sized swirls.
If it turns out well I also have some burgandy that will look great as well.

Pictures of it later tonight

As promised:

I picked up a vest pattern today. Simplicity 4079 This is going to be fun!
The swirly one is first. Then the red one I think. Then I will try the continental stripe. Somewhere in there a Black velvet one will be done.

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