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Posted by cabri, Nov 16 2007, 09:10 AM in Stuff I Like

Project: Runway is back and damn is it good!

I've been waiting for this show for over a year now. Seriously, the S3 finale was in October 2006! A year is way too long between seasons. And tell that to the BSG and Lost people too!

Here are the three designers who had the most impact this week:

Christian: I really like Christian, not so much because of the outfit -- that was very accomplished but a touch too "fashionable" for me -- but because of the attitude and the humor. Every designer has the attitude, but he was so darned cute with it. icon_wink.gif

Rami: His dress was extremely well done, although I agreed on the flower. I thought what he really needed was a touch of Santino: a little knot of twisted silk rope at the shoulder would've finished that dress off perfectly. Let's hope we don't see the same dress every week, good draping is the sign of a good designer but repetition is the sign of a bore. Oh, and when he did his intro at the beginning of the show, I remembered that Alba dress and not in a good way. The color was perfect to set off her golden brown-ness, but I thought the dress was too matronly for a girl her age and a little on the busy side. It could just be me, though, because I've always wanted to be a shirtdress kind of girl but didn't have the body for it and now I'm a leetle bit spiteful about it. icon_evil.gif

Elisa: I fell in love with Elisa's dress the first time we saw it on the model from the front -- and then she turned around and BLEGGCHH! It looked like someone got sick all over it. I didn't realize until someone mentioned, though, that the dress was made with just one seam. Now that is an accomplished pattern-maker and sewer -- I certainly couldn't do that for a Barbie doll, much less a real person. Also, I think if Tim hadn't said anything about the finish, she might've "adjusted" the train. As it is, I think his comment made her a bit defensive about it and prevented her from doing what she knew was the right thing. Or she could just be a total wack job.

Can't wait until next week! icon_mrgreen.gif Oh, except I could wait another year if it meant no Santino commercials. icon_rolleyes.gif


  lilbird, Nov 16 2007, 03:19 PM

Check, check, check...

Elisa is going to be fun to watch. She seems too mellow to get into big drama with the others and we've seen she has some creativity and ability to sew.

I can't wait for next Wednesday! icon_biggrin.gif

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