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It's The Motherfrakkin Cylons

Posted by EienAi, May 6 2007, 07:24 PM

So last week I went to Walmart to hunt down the elusive 2 tank tops that make up the Battlestar Galactica undershirt. I had been looking for a couple weeks but I had some time so I went looking again. Tried on some, found a couple that worked and got them. After getting them they were decent but not perfect. So we took them back.
The SO and I decided we needed to shop for them together to make a final decision on what looked best. He's was right. He found the undershirt and I spotted the over shirt. Then it was picture time.

The obligatory:

We dare you

Listening to skin jobs talk about their "plan"

A calm moment to reflect on how hot insert character here is
Thinking how nice it would be to smack Tigh

Hmm, I guess it was that 2nd thing
Time to buck authority and get away with it

My apologies for how grainy these are. I had to turn up the ISO to 800 cause it was so frakkin dark in there.


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