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On A Wing And A Prayer

Posted by lostearthmother, Aug 25 2006, 01:50 PM

And after a hiatus due to Christmas, we finally got to play the second episode...

The survivors managed to get the ship down onto the planet below with only a bent power coupling to repair. They landed at a ranch belonging to "an old friend" of the doctor's whom he'd known in med school. He went out to greet her with great affection, and unfortunately botched the recollection of her name, using her best friend's name instead. She decked him. He didn't defend, figuring he deserved it. His crew and her watching ranch hands were vastly entertained, so the two withdrew indoors to renew their friendship.

After half an hour or so of waiting the rest of the crew borrowed a grav mule and headed into town to buy supplies and replace the power coupling. The pilot and engineer were reduced to rummaging in the scrapshop yard for "craptech" parts, while The Money and the ladies went for supplies. Both groups were distressed to learn that they had been listed as "deceased" in the Skyplex attack, and their Credit frozen. Neither group could buy anything significant with their pooled cash dollars. Re-activating their citizen ID card required fingerprinting at a Class C or better security station (in a major city).

They retired to the Blue Sun Cortex Cafe for a rethink, and decided to hack into the cortex to pre-register their stolen Firefly and re-activate their ID cards. Many plastic dinosaur Plot Points were thrown at these dice rolls. They managed to succeed with everything except re-activating the cards of the two Coreworld citizens (the Money and his Bodyguard); both have reasons to be paranoid. Their re-activation merely requires a DNA scan at a Class B or better facility, but both are considering the advantages of staying dead.

By this time a hostile crowd was gathering in Main St, and the players were getting jumpy. It turned out that the rumours they'd heard in town of embezzled trust funds were aimed at the local priest, who was just about to be lynched by the sheriff and his deputies (without the benefit of a trial). The crew had already noticed that the church was the only building not displaying a Niska Crow election poster. They decided to head back to the ship, rescuing the priest on the way out, purely to annoy Mr Niska as much as possible. They stole the sheriff's grav vehicle to assist their attack. In best cinematic style, they shot the hanging rope apart and rammed the gallows, pulling the priest onto the grav vehicle with them. One fat deputy managed to jump in as well, figuring the tiny asian lass no match for his brawn. How wrong he was. Two rounds later the bodyguard dumped him over the side, having delayed merely to grab his gunbelt as her souvenir.

Back at the ranch, the doctor finally remembered to raise the question of possible cargo. His friend allowed that there was a spare 100 head of livestock "up in the canyons", an embarrassing reminder of her early years when she was new to ranching. Only it wasn't so much a herd as a flock. The doctor bought the entire flock at a very good rate, sight unseen. The reunited crew headed off into the canyons to retrieve the flock, sadly without a single dice of Animal Handling between them. Fortunately llamas are exceedingly docile and well-behaved creatures. They didn't balk until actually at the cargo ramp. Here the engineer had the bright idea of luring them up with the rattle of feeding buckets. At the same time the doctor on the other side of the llamas fired his shotgun to scare them into moving on. The engineer only managed to get to partial cover from the stampede.

The Firefly is now in the black again, with just enough residual fuel to get them to the adjacent planet. And the llamas are humming...

The town of Ironwood:

IPB Image

the stolen vehicle accelerates down Main St...

IPB Image

...towards the lynch mob:

IPB Image

Back at the ranch; the terrifying llama flock awaits:

IPB Image


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